1882:Giovanni Bastista Laneri arrives in Fort Worth Texas. Through wise investments, he prospers in the liquor and grocery business.
1894:Louis Bicocchi runs a successful grocery store on Jennings Avenue near downtown Fort Worth Texas.
1899:Bicocchi and Laneri create the Fort Worth Macaroni Company with Laneri as president.
1905:The company incorporates and moves to its location at what was then the intersection of Daggett and Vickery. The building - a converted carriage house - is enlarged and modernized over the years. The Fort Worth Macaroni Company ships pasta products  over the greater Southwest from its railroad siding.
1935:Giovanni Laneri dies. His nephew takes over management of the company. Four generations of the Laneri family owned and operated the business, ending in 2009 with Carlo Laneri C.E.O and President (2000 - 2009).
1959:The company changes its name to O.B. Macaroni reflecting the importance of its "Our Best" line of pasta products.