"118 years" providing pasta to customers throughout the Southwest
spagnoodle's not just flour and water ...

Pasta has been around for centuries yet people always seem to be inventing new ways to enjoy it. Anticipating and responding to these trends demands flexibility and vision. O.B. Macaroni will always endeavor to produce what the consumer wants while also supplying what the food and grocery industry need to stay profitable. If you need pasta products, O.B. can provide them. If you need help bringing your product ideas to market we can help.


O.B. Capabilities:

Products: We offer pasta in all its forms and flavors. From basic thin spaghetti to increasingly more complex shapes, O.B. can meet the demand. Please check out our product page for descriptions of our many different pasta products.

Private Label: We have incremental capacity and custom packaging available for your brand.

Government/Institutional: If you need pasta for institutional or government food service operations, O.B. has the experience and expertise needed to quickly respond to your demands. Special packaging and shipping requirements are no problem. Volume: If you need large volume, O.B. can handle it. We routinely produce and package millions of pounds of pasta a year. We can handle any order!

Product Lines: O.B. has a complete line of dry pasta products ready for shipment throughout the U.S.