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O.B. Macaroni Company


O.B. Macaroni "The Pasta Americans Love"

O.B. Macaroni has been making the pasta Americans love. Whether your favorite pasta is macaroni, spaghetti, vermicelli, linguine, fettuccine penne, mostaccioli, rigatoni or rotini, O.B.’s Our Best has your pasta. For those large sized pasta dishes, only our Large Sized Macaroni will do! O.B. proudly serves the Hispanic community with our Q&Q (Quality and Quantity) brand. The fondness for Q&Q Fideo (vermicelli) has been passed from generation to generation of Mexican-Americans in the west and southwest for over 100 years.


  We Produce Millions of Pounds of Pasta Per Year 



Between our Foodservice, Industrial and Retail Packing we offer pasta at the specs you may  require.  O.B. Macaroni capabilities and plants can produce up to 150 million pounds of pasta per year. Our pasta starts with U.S. #1 Grade Durum Wheat Semolina, the heart of the wheat. Each product provides the essential vitamins and minerals we need in our daily lives. O.B. uses the latest in production technology, equipment, and quality processes to ensure the best product..

We Take Pride:

  • In Providing our customers with quality products at an affordable price
  • In Making customer satisfaction first 
  • In Using only the best ingredients